Happiness: What happiness?


(By Yared Huluf, 04 May 2021) –

Happiness: What happiness?

Happiness is a rare phenomenon
It rarely happens
Except here and there
Now and then!

It is not an integral part
As in distress or discomfort
Of living organism on this planet.

It is an evanescent,
That only comes in waves,
You have to push out
For it to swivel,
Full circle;
Like a swimmer does,
Froward to propel.

If happiness were to be granted
As a blank check,
And one is blessed
To purchase, to possess
It would be like having a lottery
Winning ticket!
A drop in an ocean,
Try as you might;
You may not be able to hit
Or hit by it!

But make no mistake happiness,
Is even much harder than winning a prize.
Mind you! To digress:
Those with a cash to disperse
Or absolute power to flex
Could not muscle happiness,
To acquiesce
as they so pleased.

If it were the case
The last emperor
Who roared like a lion;
A pantheon sent from heaven,
No human could challenge
If they did they would face
The wrath unseen on the face of the earth;
This slight of build potentate
Did commit a spate
Of evil acts unabated
His happiness to satiate
To that end he did bait
Tigray bombed to fragment!

And oppressed other nationalities
To the hilt.
His happiness to nourish & cultivate;
But did he go down in the end
As the happiest wild cat
That was blessed;
And lived his life in peace,
On this Earth,
As one would expect?
No, Just the opposite!
He fair worse,
Let alone be spared;
Not being judgmental;
For no one is immortal,
While alive claiming divine
He witnessed umpteen
Untimely family’s departure!

The dictators who followed;
So too were not spared,
The gasconade;
Fanfaronade they bloviated,
At the podiums then and there
Were signs of unhappiness
Expressed in reverse!

So who is happy:
You and I off course not
For we get up with fear and stress
As to what might or might not happen in front;
Under incessant bombardment!

Even those with power and resources,
Like us the lot,
The medicine concocted
Will finally test!
We all are born
To face the challenge
Every step all the way;
To the final resting place!

There and then, there is heartsease,
I am not so sure of happiness
But what I know for sure
Happiness is fugacious;

Mixed like a pinch of salt in a sauce
To entice one more a piece.

So everyone is wallowed,
From birth to death
With pain and sorrow
Happiness is a fleeting dose
In between as an abrupt twist;
Damn lie happiness!
It feints its presence
Where is the evidence
That it exists?
You are a partner:
A doppelgänger!
Who else but history,
Damn lie history
A fake footnote of victory
When in fact it is the augury
Of eminent reign of slavery!
Why blame Statistics,
A pure numbers tricks!

Then the question to ask:
Why are humans;
More so the demons
In trace and oblivious
To confirm and chase,
A vacuous
Happiness’s existence?


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