Tigrayan farmers being prevented from farming – says Interim Administration of Tigray

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(Source: Eritrean Hub, main source of this via Twitter) –

Abebe Gebrehiwot, Deputy Head of Interim Administration of Tigray regional state says:

One of the big problems (we are facing) is, there is a campaign of banning farmers from farming in order to starve Tigray.

It is certain individuals involved in the law enforcement operation, who are irresponsible and are acting out of their self interests, who are doing this.

This is especially happening in around Shire, Hawzen and the corridors of Tembien. A group has appeared which is saying “you can’t farm; this (place) is ours”. This is embarrassing.

The other problem has to do with transporting seeds. Around Kobo, we faced a challenge because vehicles carrying seeds were prevented from passing through. We had to go to great lengths to get them to pass through.

This has no other mission. It even seems the two are working in concert.

“Efforts to prevent the entry of seeds and efforts to stop farming have no other message than perhaps “let the people of Tigray perish from starvation.”

My message in this regard is that outsiders shouldn’t be the ones that ought to support us. We have to solve our problems on our own. Tigrayans, as Tigrayans, should do what’s expected of them.

The diaspora should also provide support. The reason I’m saying this is that if (Tigrayan) farmers don’t engage in farming before the winter passes, the suffering, famine and starvation will harm all Tigrayans.

This is because it will create dependency on (outside) support and this in turn deprives ability to make (independent) decisions.

If we are looking for sustained solutions, we have to collaborate to make the farmers plant and harvest during this winter. And the youth also have to be involved.

This is my message.

The reason I’m raising this issue is if they prevent seeds from getting through (to Tigray) and the corridors are blocked; if they are saying ‘we need this land’ so that there won’t be farming, the outcome would be starvation. Their aim, beyond the war…”


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