Don Quixote: an Ascari Aspiring to be Benito!


(By Yared Huluf, 14 May 2021) –

Way back there were two Romans, albeit similar in essence but different in sizes: the Roman Republic 509-27 BC and the Roman Empire 27 BC – May 1453 AD. The Roman Republic ruled from the tip of Caledonia to the foot of the Mediterranean basin, vanquishing the Macedonian, Seleucid, Greece and Carthage into smoldering ruins. Nothing seemed impossible for the Romans to enjoy the fruits of the might they flexed as they did whatever they pleased. They also seemed to not to fear anyone that would stop them doing as they pleased, until they were in for a big surprise from an unexpected “midgets” they willfully forgot to notice.

It was not a threat from another empire, a python weary of another python lurking behind, nor  it was from another Goliath wanting to stir trouble against another Goliath, but an insignificant town people of Numantia, native Celtic speaking inhabiting  a mountainous peninsula of Iberia, who had endured enough of the Roman brute oppression who rose up in arms and defeated the Romans not once but many times and kicked them out of their town. 

The Romans were embarrassed and ashamed. But more gravely they got worried that the rest of the conquered subjects might follow suit soon and pulverize them to ashes.

So in 134 BC they decided to dispatch the foremost and renowned general, Scipio Aemilianus, if like the ጨመዳ of the Amhara tribe, to Numantia to teach them a lesson they would never forgot as long as they lived.

The general, Scipio tried what he knew best but couldn’t get nowhere with the Numantia people so determined to resist  the Roman bastards coming in to town,  come hell or high water. 

The Romans were decadents inside out, as we have the Amhara elites, and their Ascari Isaias and his troops. They would go to any extend to maintain and keep their spoils. This is true and transcends a time spectrum. It is engraved in their blood. Nothing could change it, unless they are no more!

Coming back to the general, he then decided to corral and encircle and besiege the Numantia town for a whole year, preventing the people from fishing and importing essential food items until such time most died of hunger and rest remained alive and committed suicide rather than submitting to Roman oppressions no more.

With the fall of Numantia, Miguel de Cervantes, author of  Don Quixote, in his other book, the Siege of Numantia, characterized the event of the fall of Numantia not only the destruction of the town but also the end of a vision of Spanish future greatness. The Spaniards were hit on the head never to recover, ever since.

Once reconquered the native Celtic of Iberia and indeed the Spaniards as a whole abandoned Celtic language and indeed Spanish way of life and adopted Latin language and Roman culture as the manifestations of their own domain hitherto. 

Just like as Isaias wished, had he been privileged to have had the Romans favour the Spaniards got then, but he did not get that much attention from the Romans as they did to the Spaniards. 

In desperation and as a douched to his masters, he forced the Eritrean to adopt the Italian Calendar and time keeping that does not make any sense, when the Eritreans name September as Meskerem/መስከረም and day 1 is eleven days behind the Roman calendar. Likewise a noon/ half day time which is 6.00 AM is 12.00 PM in Eritrea, a pocket in a East African jacket!

That madness put aside, had the Romans allowed education, Isaias Eritrea would have chosen the language as their own too if it were for his favoured choice. But the Romans did not have much respect, and possibly did not consider the Eritrean as fully developed humans to deserve such an investment. 

But when you turn and look around, the ኣስከሪስ Ascari, the likes of Isaias still wanted to show their loyalty to Rome not only by using Scipio’s strategy of starve to wipe out whole Tigrayan people to rule, as the Romans did not want to engage in a battle and die as they kill, for they still were looking forwards saving themselves to joy of life, but also to wipe out any residues of cultural heritages and psychological makeup of the Eritrean people from the past.

That said the Roman Empire of Scipio is 2165 years in the past. The world then, Tome and Tome, was the World. Now the world has gone beyond and such barbarity had no place and will not work, unless in the mind of the unrepentant Ascaris, Isaias and his troops. They tried it in 1984 famine to strangle the people in collaboration with the Amharas, as mean and ruthless dogs that they are, but that did not deter the Tigrayans from surmounting and surpassing the famine to come out victorious against all odds. An old dog that he is, could not learn a new trick, he is now again applying Sciopio’s starve to kill but it will fail miserably. People will live for long or if we stretch physics to limits, for “ever” it is individuals like Isaias and Abiy who must worry that soon or later the inevitable fate will arrive!


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