Oromo-Tigray Alliance: A Necessary Historical Precondition for Fashioning a New Ethiopian Nation-State

Ethiopia Tigray

(Source: The Institute of Development and Education for Africa (IDEA), By Ghelawdewos Araia, PhD, April 14, 2021) – 

This article intends to discuss and thoroughly examine the strategic alliance of the Ethiopian federalist forces against the destructive alliance of the Prosperity Party (PP)-led Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF (henceforth PP-ENDF), the Eritrean mercenary troops, and the Amhara Militia. In the latter coalition, the Eritrean troops are the interventionist forces, paradoxically invited by Abiy Ahmed to engage in a dirty genocidal war in Tigray. This article will touch upon examples of alliances in history and discuss the significance of bigger and unified nations as well.

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