No Such a thing as inevitable; let alone Isaias Afecherki’s (ኣፈጨርቂ) Strabismus Vision!


(By Temesgn Kebede, 18 May 2021) –

Nature is neither created or destroyed,
It simply exists,
There are unstable atoms,
Desperate to fuse
And Atoms that are Nobel
Able to stand tall,
On their own entomb.
Facts to reckon;
Existing beyond an imagination!

Norms, social rules,
Cultures and other rituals
Are figments of imaginations;
Not of the sort, taken for granted
Only rooted in human minds
And constantly shifting ground.

Hotchpotch potpourris
Man feels necessary
To travel as he did for centuries.

Man evolved to victory
Not as an inevitable divine decree
But by sheer coincidence of mystery.
Other extinct species
May well still have been jumping the tree,
Had it not been for his savagery!

One thing to notice,
Man has no divine purpose,
On this Earth
Any more than a mouse
In fact less or even worse.

Science is a knowledge,
Not necessarily an accurate
With a considerable ullage.
A product of human mind;
Itself imperfect, and lopsided.

Nor was it inevitable
Sapiens lived millenniums
A man made devise,
Therefore a transient
Nor it is necessarily or beneficial
It might well lead to destruction
And oblivion;
Open to moot!

Math is a tool
That aids science to navigate
The bounds of nature far beyond.

The belief that man is an ultimate
In full control what comes next
Is a colossal madness we live to regret.
But then regret a misplaced concept.
As man will not be in the witness box
To listen the verdict;
As it did with many extinct Sapiens’ fate.

What more do we expect;
When idiots; repeat idiots;
The likes of Isaias are riding the chariot!

What moves fast is
The science of destruction

Than the one aspiring salvation.
And even if the later were to succeeded,
Where does it finally end?


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