Barbarians at the Gate!


(By Temesgn Kebede, 24 May 2021) – 

Barbarians at the Gate!

Give me a good reason,
Any reason,  
Why a kid has to burn alive  
Her shelter burn down and pulverized;  
Farm animals shot as criminals  
As if labouring for humans is not enough!  
You devour their carcasses;  
Uncooked unprocessed!  
Barbarians that you are  
You do not let people live  in peace;  
You gouged eyes;  
You tear eardrums;  
You chop arms;  
Crippled limbs:  
Still not satisfied:  
You pour poisonous on  
People’s heads,  
As if they are weeds!  
What more an evil is left,  
That you still want to execute?  
To rob autochthonous lands;  
To salience their voices;  
Proselytize them to your beliefs;  
And even if they succumb to your fists   
You are unhappy for them to exist!  
And even if they are let to subsist  
It is only to suck up their sweat,  
For you to live in comfort.  
You barbarians at the gate!


The Ethiopian and Eritrean troops are using internationally banned chemical weapons to wipe out Tigrayans. World leaders have moral & legal obligations to stop Tigray genocide.
Screenshot from Tigray Online Youtube Video: Ethiopian soldiers slaughtered animals in Tigray and eating raw meat to display their cruelty   






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