Another subterfuge to deceive the World!

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(By Temesgen Kebede, 26 May 2021) – 

The Head of Ethiopian Defence Force, General Birhanu Jula, allegedly sent a letter to the Eritrean head of defence Force, Philipose, requesting withdrawal of his army from Tigray.  Both Billena Seyum, Abiy Ahmed’s press secretary, Yemane Gebre Meskel, Erittrean Information Minister declined to the request of comment regarding the letter written by General Berhanu Jula, said Bloomberg.

If the two information centres had the audacity to realise the content of the letter, why then did they hide behind the curtain and shy away to provide comments?

It is remembered that the USA has imposed travel restrictions on  the Ethiopia and Eritrean officials starting on 23 May 2021 and then on working to extend the restrictions to include other friendly countries that are in line with the USA in global alliance and network.

The purpose of the letter requesting Eritreans withdrawal by the Ethiopian Army Chief of Staff, General Berhanu is clear: it is to beguile the world that the Ethiopian authorities are working hard to observe international rules and norms, which is not the case, but it is another deception tactic up in their sleeve to wrong foot people all over the world following the tragic act of war waged on Tigrayans.

Why would an army general request another country’s army general to withdraw, when clearly to order to invade another country was given by the the President of the country? The decision to stay or leave the land of invasion entirely rest on the two counties leaders and not on army generals operating the day to day activities of soldiers on the ground.

This is a tactical ploy to buy time and soften the resolve of the world to bring this barbaric war to the end, and should not fool anyone to take it seriously, specially, when it comes from the Ethiopian officials whose propensity to lie is beyond any bound.

Why ask the Eritrean Troops to vacate? The Ethiopian Army could remove its troops and the Amhara Fano militia from Tigray and leave the rest for the Tigrayan Defense Force to kick the Eritrean mercenaries out, if General Birhanu Jula and his cahoot are genuine at that.

Likewise, General Birhanu Jula’s force could turn against its guns and demand the Eritrean troops out from a sovereign nation, they have nothing meddling around, be it they were invited in the first place.


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