Sooner if not later!


(By Temesgn Kebede) – 

Turn to any corner if you like  
Hide behind any nook   
Or use as shield  an inglenook  
Vermiculite and twist to avoid  
A direct kick on the neck!

Boast that you are a gladiator pyknic;  
Spartacus or Crixus,  
No one had brought to their knees!  
Or pretend that you are a Abdisa Shemeles,  
Who resents handouts from the US;  
Weeviled farinaceous;  
A hypocrite in disguise,  
Who genuflects so bliss  
At a Dollar’s site;  
Its besmirched face to kiss;  
As his empty wallet rather than it misses!  
Would you say now with the same breathe  
The dollar too is weevil sheathe;  
You wouldn’t touch let alone kiss,   
And come in contact with your teeth!

Exhibitionist that you are;  
Show the drama world over  
Commit crimes unheard before  
But one thing remember:  
You will be brought to justice  
Sooner if not later!


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