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(By Yared Huluf, 01 June 2021) – 

It is a matter of time, the day Isaias Afewerki and Abiy Ahmed Ali are booked, the whole truth nothing but the whole truth will come to light how Eritrea and Ethiopia got short shrift for personal gain and fame.

How dare Abiy claim that the Northern command was betrayed and stab at the back, when in fact he was the one who back stabbed tens of thousands of Tigrayan army and police officers as well as rank and file personnel, who trained him to be who he is, while serving the country both at home and abroad. 

It was Abiy who removed them from their active duties dégagé and threw them in to dungeons, where they are still denied access not even allowed to be visited by relatives.

Abiy contrived and started the war and cry wolf, let us not spend time prove based on circumstantial evidence who the culprit is; let us not play a childish game in fooling the world, the world by now knows quite well who he is – a lair; a pathological liar as that. He has concocted many stories to tell but all proved furphies in the end.    

On the 4th of November 2020, Abiy claimed that the Northern Command was attacked by a Tigrayan  regional force, while stationed there for 20 years to defend the region from an enemy he himself became a trusted friend in the end, to gain the sympathy of the people against such betrayal of trust.

The claim went on that some members of the Northern Command, indeed quiet a lot, were forced to seek refuge in Eritrea with only pyjamas on their back and all barefooted. 

That was a lie, an outlandish lie to earn the sympathy of the passive and dormant people of the rest of Ethiopia, who wish to listen or, to be more precise, who are prepared to swallow whatever lies are fed  or told.

Over 200 tanks and other heavy artillery machine; accompanied by foot soldiers, combat dressed, not naked as he lied, crossed over to Eritrea with full knowledge and contest by both the army officials involved and Tigrayan regional government, rather than engaging  against each other in combat battle leading to mutual destructions.

The rest of the Northern Command troops  decided to stay put rather than crossing over to enemy territory they have had no trust with. They were then  given full safety and security to disarm themselves and stay neutral. They stayed well over a month sharing whatever was availed with the Tigray people and were finally handed over to the to International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) be repatriated.

This is hard for Abiy to swallow as he has no feeling nor the intension to treat adversaries in any humane way possible as the Tigrayans did.  The Tigrayans set free a military fighter jet pilot whose plane was  hit and crushed whilst bombing Tigray. So much about respect of International Law and human rights in Tigray, he would never dream to see in Amhara land and Amhara rule: History will testify!!

All he sees is blood, all he smell is blood: all he wants is blood spilt, let alone those who fell under his clout, he sets out to hunt and liquidate any Tigray that comes in sight. A case in point, he has enticed the Djibouti government to surrender three Tigreans who did not commit any crime except they are Tigrayans, Habtom Gebreselassie Wedu, Mohammed Berhu Nur and Mesele Tanene Eshete. Their fate is sealed – death in your hands; waesuck! See video for details ( )

The Northern Command was the most mechanized and armed force in the country. It had an 80% man power and weaponry capability of the country. How could it be wiped out to dust by a thousand light armed regional ragtag forces and in just ONLY 45 MINUTES?

Such a military feat has never been heard or recorded in history, or prehistory. It had never been accomplished by Leonidas I 489-480BC, Alexander the Great 336-323 BC, Hannibal Barca 147-183/2BC, or for that matter by anyone other than the three mentioned above!

There are lies and there are better lies. But he is not blessed and gifted to know the difference between different lies; all he knows or cares is he keeps lying until he is caught off guard with his trousers, if he has one, down!

One more thing: When a baboon is cognizant that it is a baboon, a monster recognize that it is a monster, a dictator that s/he is a dictator, at least he knows where he stands. But if a dictator denies that he or she is no monster but an angel, one is in trouble that he or she is even in a slippery and risky ground.

Regarding the PM‘s leak speech to his inner circle by Kelo Media, the PM Press Office issued a statement disclaiming the speech as fake, in one line of defense and in another line of defenseas a speech of the PM but given on different occasions, different time period, conjured up out of context.

The question to raise: it does not matter that if the speech(s) delivered was in one piece to aninner circle or at different times to different inner circles. It does not matter if and whether a speech given  and I quote, ‘I will not leave office for at least the coming 10 years, come hell or high water’ was said in tandem with  or on its own separate from ‘We won the election before it is been held … if we are careful how to proceed”…’ That there will be a blood bath for us to hold on to power’. As long as these are his words the PM, said in one go to one inner circle or said in different occasions does not change the content and nature of the statements: The PM  is a dictator about to take us to hell, and we all ought to be aware.

Watch the video of Ethiopian Northern Command troops crossing over to Eritrea and handing over their post to Eritreans


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