I Have No Dream!


(By Yared Hulu, 06 June 2021) – 

I Have No Dream!  
Dr. King,  
Where did you get such a thing?  
There is no more a dream,  
When bombs cascade down full steam,  
Like a stream;  
And a child in pain screams!  

No more mountain top talk  
On a  plain field,  
people can’t even walk!  
There is no sweet dream,  
An Amhara and a Tigryan team,  
In the same river could swim!  

Let alone a gleam of a dream,   
AsI close my eyelids  
Nightmare chased me out of bed  
Doused in sweat,  
Caught out of breathe,  
At the thought of my spouse gone kaput;   
And the child’s skin excoriated,   
Hanging by a thread!  

What a dream?  
Stop Dr. King taking the podium,  
There is no more love now but odium!


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