A glass on a cliff edge!


(By Temesgn Kebede, 07 May 2021) – 

Gives me a piece of esculent,
A drop of water,
To sustain my life,
For the next combat to fight.

I wouldn’t care a toss,
Dead or alive,
I will walk on fire,
Break barbed wire,
Overcome whatever dire,
Impel the lairs,
Man eating vampires,
Quisling enemy hires,
On a spire;
A lesson for those who aspire,
To follow his footwear!

For all I care,
To live no more I have no desire,
I am envious of the martyrs,
Than living in a world,
Run by hordes of scienters!

But I am determined,
To kill as many savages,
That have caused me mental damage!

The stage will display scordatura,
Actors stridulating scherzando cantata,
Forby the verminous plethora,
I will cut off their pudenda and scrota;
What else for a beast,
But force fed basted,
Their own of waste,
For a taste;
As the saying goes:
Those who live by the sword,
Will die how else but by the sword,
Living behind the mammon they hoard!

As to the rest:
Come to us,
We ask of you,
Not your wealth,
Not the power you flex,
Not the hate you spew,
Not the consprucy you brew,
Not the ethnic hatred you intend to sow.

Come to us with clean hands,
Chariness of mind,
No evil intents to perpetrate,
Transmogrify our ethnic trait,
So we become copycat puppets,
Mimic version savages,
To satiate your esurient appetite!

For once learn: contrite;
Then you might,
Stop being a blight;
A woeful plight;
A chance for all to respite!


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