Boycott Ethiopian Airlines: involving in ethnic cleansing, transporting soldiers, logistics and weapons to the war on Tigray

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(By Yared Huluf, first published on 16 December 2020 and updated on 25 June 2021) –

Freedom and peace loving people of the world, “Boycott Ethiopian Airlines”

Freedom and peace loving people of the world, we urge you boycott your flights using the so called ‘Ethiopian Airlines’ since the airlines is engaged in supporting of Abiy Ahmed’s government war crimes against humanity and genocide on the people of Tigray. Abiy Ahmed has engineered a war crime against humanity and genocide to wipe out the people of Tigray with the help of Isaias Afewerki, Amhara Militias and UAE drones. As a result, hundreds of civilians are being barbarically massacred, killed and wounded daily across Tigray as Hitler did to Jews in Europe in 1940s. The Ethiopian Army, Eritrean Army and Amhara militias are looting Tigrayan properties in towns, cities and villages. 

Ethiopian Airlines is a civilian airline. It is an autonomous and publicly owned company. As such the airline should remain committed to its civilian flights and should treat its employees without it discrimination. Unfortunately, since Abiy Ahmed’s government started committing war crimes on the people of Tigray, Ethiopian Airlines has been supporting Abiy’s government war operations.

To mention some of the support operations of Ethiopian Airlines to the war on Tigray:

  1. Ethiopian Airlines ethnically profiled and sacked employees’ of Tigrayan origin (pilots, technicians, etc) from their jobs in support of Abiy’s government war on Tigray. The Telegraph reported about the Ethiopian Airlines on 04 December 2020 and you can read the news report at
  2. Ethiopian Airlines has been transporting soldiers and weapons in support of the war on Tigray by suspending some of its civilian flights. This is totally unacceptable for a public airline to take sides thereby supporting war crimes on the people of Tigray. You can read more details at
  3. Since Ethiopian Airlines has become a tool to killing civilians and committing war crimes against humanity and genocide in Abiy Ahmed’s pointless war, we believe every peace loving human being should boycott Ethiopian Airlines and use other airlines instead. You should not allow your money to be used for buying weapons to kill innocent civilians and commit genocide with impunity by Abiy’s government.

As if the flight service has not been built by the sweat and resources of people to a world standard from its shambolic existence at the hands of the monarchs and the military dictator; it is now used to transport soldiers to loot and destroy Tigray which was at the heart of taking the country to enlightenment and progress at a speed of double digits growth. The TPLF shock and awaken the near dead slumbering empire to fast growing federated nations, only to be stabbed on the back, by those who were denied the imperial privileges at the expense of the oppressed.

From one university the oppressors built and run for over a century to educate their families and their Amhara foot-soldiers, the Tigrayan led government opened 45 universities all over the country to produce medical doctors, engineers, educators and pilots who are now turned renegades working very hard to destroy the very hand that the purveyed the skills and talents, their parents and grandparent did not and could not provide: ኽንድዘኾለስኩ እደይ ተነኼስኩ::

People of the World: West and East!

Boycott the Ethiopian Airlines, so as Abiy Ahmed and Amhara gourmand expansionist (ነፍጠኛ) oppressors could not manage to obtain the dollar they infatuatedly love to feed us with innocent people’s blood by committing genocide, war crimes, rapes and ethnic cleansing in Tigray!!!

For further information about the war on Tigray, please see the tweets and listen to the BBC sound below: On this week’s episode of The Inquiry – what’s behind the current conflict in Ethiopia? Why is Ethiopia’s Nobel Peace Prize winner bombing his own country and commiting genenocide, war crimes, rapes, ethnic cleansing, lootig and destruction of public and private properties in Tigray with the help of the Eritrean troops and Amahara regional forces?






3 thoughts on “Boycott Ethiopian Airlines: involving in ethnic cleansing, transporting soldiers, logistics and weapons to the war on Tigray

  1. Excellent . I am interested the following sentence ” the Eritrean soldiers often told victims that they are going to turn the clock on Tigray’s development just like the Tigrayans reverted ours back…” The Tigriyans did nothing to these criminals except deportation. they are continuously whining here and there and vomiting the subject of their sorrows and revenge for over 30 years since their departure from Ethiopia. Over 90, 000 Eritreans deported by TPLF leaders. They did it for us and for Ethiopians in general. Those Eritreans who claim to get deported are part of Eritrean fifth column working as snoopers. We donot want them to pry into our national and private affairs . Their mischievous act is exposed to the world. many of those Eritreans who were living in refuges camps in Tigray were directing those mercenaries house to house that lead the massacre of our people. They are in Oromia and Finfine too. They are taking revenge only and only because they left back their properties in Ethiopia and this was done by TPLF, Tigrian origin, on the account of their responsibility to defend the country and the rights of its citizens over foreigners. They cannot live in Tigray and Ethiopia for free stealing jobs, prying into our national affairs and doing filthy stuffs . It is impossible to live in overseas without declaring yourself as migrant or legal foreign resident as long as you are an alien /foreigner . Many Eritreans dying in abroad because they are not acknowledged to be legal residents of UK, EU member countries ,including US .Let these thugs raise the same claim in US , EU or somewhere else if they could be tolerated by EU or US immigration officers . I have never heard and read the story of rape by TPLF which they are now posting a new fabricated video to tarnish the reputation of TPLF and Tigray people to justify their war crimes .

  2. Ethiopian govt, i;e illegal and politically inept body, closed the refugee camp in tigray after taking refugees to eritrea to send them back to tigray to kill our people.they want to conceal the crime committed there. you know when a crime is committed in one place, we are told to stay away . this gives the opportunity to investigator to fabricate story without the presence of anyone if and only he or she want it . For example putting gun in the hands of the victim , …. IN the case of this camp they will do something different to help them stay safe .; I guess their advisor told them to close it since he find a story that help PP cadres to get away with the crime they had committed murder.

    remember to expect always lies from PP cares-for instance they will say we closed this camp for the safety of eritrean refugees , because some were already killed by TPLF earlier . The world knows, aide workers and several eritreans were killed by ENDF and Eritrean soldiers.

    BY the way, I hate a journalist or youtuber who say “higdef soldiers. The world know them as eritrean soldiers . ethey are killing our young generation and mothers to prevent future revenge by Tegarus . this was said many times by eritrean government and its supporters in youtube , social media.

    they are doing all the killings and lootings for eritrea and eritreans. before EU and UNSC there is no PJDF soldier , but eritrean soldiers.

    Even if eritreans demonstrate with you they do it for the common good; Some even wish that TPLF fighters to go to eritrea nd kill Isayas ; eritrean diasporas want us to dies for them being in US and EU.

    they are worried since they have family in Tigray and Tigray is the very exist and departure point for eritreans . However, I could expect to see some and rare good eritreans and from any society regarless of its religous and ethnic background. Thank you for posting it.

  3. ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES BRINGing DELTA COVID VARIANT FROM INDIA TO AFRICA by continuing to fly to India! PROFITS OVER PEOPLE! This is what they did with continued flights from China in 2019! Do you have a conscience and empathy for your African people who are not getting the vaccines they need from corrupt African governments? Africans are dying and Ethiopian Airlines is contributing to the demise of our people. In the 1800s it was slave ships taking people away from Africa, today it is Ethiopian airlines bringing death and devastation to our continent! SHAME ON YOU!

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