My, my, cry Amhara cry Eritrea cry to wipe out Tigray! What good am I, If I can’t espy, with a naked eye?

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(By Temesgn Kebede) –

Fate sometimes had it once an Askari (አስከሪ) an Askari for life; once a domestic servant a domestic servant to a geriatric end with no respite to rest; once a person bent their dorsal to meet a master’s needs, they  keep bending till their  fibulas screech. How else can we explain these haggard men and women the last drop of their sweat were sucked up serving Arab plutocracies even following them to the western world would dare to protest march in London streets shouting Amharas ought to have unquestionable right to oppress, rape and kill Tigrayans. Askaris once Askaris for life?

However, they are infantile idiots. As selfish as they are, they want to their cake and eat it. They wanted to live in a sovereign state for themselves but they also dreamt and invaded using their fighting manpower and militarily assets to keep Tigrayans under domination of a dictatorship, they themselves accepted as an idol.

When they realised, a little late, that the Tigrayans have a different blood and brain cells that are abhorrent to servitude and would fight to the bitter end, they started biting their tongues left and right whit by whit.

That failing to settle their perturbed bellies, they came out to the open field, started beating the drum, exorcised and deliriously sung that Eritrea is sovereign and its territorial integrity be respected! Just as if they were not in an escapade looting, plundering, destroying hard earned properties, gang raping and killing Tigrayans. Nine months of hell, they were happy to forget! የወጋ ቢረሳ የተወጋ አይረሳ! Who would have to tell these vagabonds!

We will not rest one single minute, God willing, but chase each and every individual who participated to the edge of the world and pay for the atrocities they committed. It is not an individual act of crime. Everyone involved is accountable. We have the legal, moral and existential obligations to see this to the end. Nothing on this Earth will stop us pursuing this to the end. There is no excuse to put the blame on one person, Isaias, whom they regard as a Tigrayan when the going gets tough and as a beloved Eritrean when the going gets lucrative, where looting and plundering paid off. It is a double vision, Diplopodia, just like who cares about sovereign territory.

Abiy Ahmed and Isaias Afewerki have given directives to their troops to go, invade and ransack and destroy Tigrayans way of life as they pleased, even when the international community is expressing its objections. Abiy Ahmed and Isaias Afewerki have been crying foul that the territorial sovereignty must be respected and observed! Nonetheless, when they are defeated their evil acts have come back to haunt.

Since when did Abiy Ahmed and Isaias Afewerki learn the word, “respect” only when it suits them and not others? The entire Eritrean government apparatus for the last 30 years has been wreaking havoc in the region and now it has caused near impossible damages to repair the Tigrayans have to put with.

Whilst the Tigrayans are on the receiving end the full force of a dictator’s  brunt, those Eritrean demonstrating in the streets of London appeared to be more worried about the Eritrean  soldiers been killed; soldiers who came to loot, gang rape, plunder and kill by crossing over a sovereign territory they have nothing to do with. The hare-brained Eritrean do not seem to remember what they eat for breakfast when the sun is at the midpoint.

The other side of colonial equation Tigrayans find themselves pincered is the Amhara gangster slinging harquebuses. The Amhara elites have no religion to profess. Their paunch is their religion. Since when a religion or its believers waged a war against the religion birthplace of origin except the Amhara Orthodox Tewahedo Christian preachers; who in realty are sorcerers draped in cassock for pretence.

These debaucheries diableries condoned the Eritreans mercenaries to bomb the Monastery of Debre Damo, a histrionic and one of the oldest church founded by Abune Aregawei, who was one of the nine saints who Came from Syria following  the 313 AD schism between the Trinintarian, Homoousuan, Anomoean and Arian Sects. The Eritrean mercenaries burnt unique 1500 years old biblical Vade mecum books. A sort of Luddites; by wiping out people with history they felt they will elevate themselves to the credenza of history.

Likewise, the Amhara Orthodox Tewahedo Christian preachers ululated when the invading Ethiopian soldiers attempted to steal the Arch of the Covenant from Aksum where over 800 Aksumites put their necks to death to defend the scared object. Aksumites still possesses washed and glittering with their blood, thanks to the martyrs.

In 1025 AD, Gideon conspired against Miaphsite Christianity of Aksum and was hanged in public. His daughter Yodit following his death came down with wrath and destroyed Aksum including the stalwart obelisk.

Not surprisingly and now instead of cantillating a threnody of peace and reconciliation, the Amhara so call Orthodox Tewahedo Christian preachers are engaged in conjuration for their followers to commit atrocities against innocent Tigrayans who have caused no offence or trespassed their rightful place.

The Tigrayans are outrageously labelled as “Hyacinth (እምቦጭ), Cancer, Satan and invasive Weed” that needed to be uprooted by the self-elected PM Abiy Ahemd. The fact of the matter Hyacinth is a kind of plant that has infested Lake Tana in Bahir Dar, Gojjam, and it has hallow stems that turn in to Stolons, wherever the stem touches land or water surface it turns in to roots and extends its growth, just like Tesfafei Nefetghna (ተስፋፊ ነፍጠኛ). Thus, who is in fact is Hyacinth (እምቦጭ), though one would not like to call people Hyacinth (እምቦጭ) with hollow mind to cerebrate to ponder!

The Amhara Orthodox Tewahedo Christian preachers are joining the axis of evils (Abiy Ahmed, Isaias Afewerki, Agegnehu Teshager, Demeke Mekonen, Temesgen Tiruneh, Andargachew Tsege and Birhanu Nega) to wipe Tigrayans out from the face of the earth. At present time, the Archbishop of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Sweden collects donations for the Ethiopian military to carry out “genocide” in Tigray. The Archbishop cries with his slogan, “Westerners are our enemies”, to instigate his followers, at a point of disavowal, to contribute each and every follower a 1000 Swedish Krona for the genocidal war efforts the Ethiopian government is conducting against the Tigrayan people.

Note to the reader:

There is nothing wrong nor is it a crime to be a domestic servant. It is an honour to sweat and survive. Everyone, who crossed over a foreign a border, would be compelled to find him/herself work as a kitchen cleaner. We in the diaspora all domestic servants even those who hold office places. We all work as we are told. Nevertheless, that does not mean we all accept our predicament. We object the situation we are put in acceptable manners. We do not subscribe and condone servitude unlike the Eritrean shown in the picture below. We strive to reverse and improve things if we can at least spiritually if we could not do it somatically. 


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