If I were to live again!


(By Temesgn Kebede) – 

If I were to live again,   
The erst half of my lifespan,   
I would have done   
things differently,   
Than I had planned.

I was an athlete, a javelin on hand,   
But with misguided trajectory,   
In mind;  
A noetic prosody!

If I were to be given another chance   
In the opposite direction I would throw the lance.  

A double jeopardy that I am in pain,  
I have been forewarned   
But I was insouciant and unconcerned.  

Coup de foudre; begotten me,  
I entered in to matrimony,  
A sort of bigamy,  
With no a clear boundary,  
As if my own dwelling is a Bowery,  
With two femme fatale enemies,   
Nor did I ask dowery!   

That was one unfortunate misery;  
To add insult to injury,   
The two trollops in harmony,  
Hugger mugger conspired to drive a wedge;  
Full force hammered,  
Between myself and my brothers,   
Who shared a bed under the same shelter,   
As freedom fighters!   

If I were to live  again those years,  
I would have betters eyes and ears,  
And endorse those I refused to see and hear.  
And remorse for the trouble they endured. 

Verklempt,  If I were to live again,  
I would compensate for the pain  
They and even I, I know now, sustained.

If I were to live again,
I would turn anchroite; 
A reclusive  mountain stallion,
Wither the thought:
A herdmaster equine,
If a jam packed plane, to,
Of a jam packed plane.


This poem is about the referendum granted and  recognition of Eritrea as an an independent state by TPLF/EPRDF before boarder demarcation was made and the split of TPLF as to how to deal with Eritrean Ruling Party EPLF following its defeat in Bademe and of course the infatuation with the Amhara elites to a task they never deserved to the demise of hard earned end of the struggle.

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