Bizarre! The Atlantic Council is Under Water

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(By Yared Huluf) – 

I thought it was a waste of time to riposte the remarks of bedlam officer at the Atlantic Council, African Centre, Mrs. Bronwyn Bruton, but as her remarks began to reappear in on Facebook, even translated to Amharic to gain publicity, I finally decided to put some of her remarks to the test. That said, I chose not to resort to ad hominem tu quoque but accept her point of view as stated.

To start with let me put the definition of the word “ Brutal” as “suitable to one who lacks intelligence, sensitivity, or compassion”, according Marriem Webster.

She described the TPLF as brutal dictatorship that ruled the country for thirty years relentlessly.

If the TPLF was a brutal dictatorship; how on Earth would then she describe the governance of  the prosperity Party led by Colonel Abiy Ahmed, which characterised the people of Tigray as a cancer and a weed that needed to be wiped out from the face of the Earth? 

This was not only a speech perforated to please his audience but indeed he practically took measures to that effect, where children the age of two, old men and women were actively and brutally killed, some with their hands tied behind their backs. as recent as today (02/08/21) and thrown to Tekeze river to be found bloated floating in a neighbouring country, the Sudan. How would she describe where underage girls and women were gang raped indiscriminately of their age; not to mention that hundreds of thousands, if not millions were and still are displaced and exposed to famine in only three years of his illegitimate gripe to power compared to the TPLF’s 30 years of reign? Who is more brutal than the brute, the PP or the TPLF?

I do not know which planet Mrs. Bruton lives but Tigray is not entirely clear/liberated from the Eritrean, Amhara militia and Ethiopian army invaders. They are still in western Tigray and they are as we speaking killing, burning innocent Tigrayans and as if they are not stratified killing they are throwing dead body, some alive but with their hands tied behind their back so as to drown; as I have mentioned above.

Most irresponsible for a person holding an office is to falsely claim that the Ethiopian government called for a ceasefire when it did not. With same breath uttering ceasefire  it was waging war by air, long range artillery and foot soldiers, which every international body is aware of except Mrs. Bruton.

She also claimed the TPLF  is her description; when it is the TDF and the people of TIGRAY waging resistance against foreign and domestic invaders) has become the main cause for life saving food and humanitarian assistance blockage for reaching the Tigrayan people who are desperate at this hour. 

 Her argument stretching her imagination claims that because the “TDF”, (an acronym she declined to use with a clear intension to misinform  the public) has extended the fight outside Tigray region as far as Afar and Amharas even aiming to reach Finfinie (Addis Ababa). As a result the people of Afar and Amhara are too scared contemplating that the TDF might use the humanitarian assistance delivered  to feed and nourish itself and than the people. thereby rejuvenating its might and strength  to succeed reaching Finfinie and assume central power once again to brutally rule the country as it did in the past!

Even if this was true, how can two wrongs become right? The government of Ethiopia besieged Tigray and caused famine and death for nine months and now in the mind of Mrs. Bruton the Afar and Amharas militias, have got a legitimate concern, (as she appears to endorse the claim) to block humanitarian food aid passing to Tigray for fear of the resurgence of the TPLF?

What a shameful display of an act of malfeasance holding and running a reputable public office the world and indeed the organisation do not deserve! It is a disgrace  to the public and the office  that pays a salary for such dishonest service.

 It begs belief Mrs. Bruton turns a mouthpiece of dictators, when Isaias ordered his plain-clothed  security personnel masquerading as refugees and of course sprinkling a few would be refugees to march  in front the UN Office to protest against harassment by the TDF in Tigray. One would be dumbfounded to figure it out how these people claim they refugees? Who are these people refugees from? Why are they out to support the government of Isaias they fled from seeking refuge? Why did the TDF persecute them now when it gave them refuge, shelter and even for some university education free of expenses?

For nine months the UN and world powers requested, pleaded and some demanded Eritrean mercenaries, Amhara militias invaders and Ethiopian military force to withdraw from Tigray and all disregard the request as ineffectual body to respect, now the dictators subterfuge is in operation to present their ill thought and evil  cases in front of the same body (UN) they ignored to heed to its request.

How would Mrs. Bruton defend the dictators she has befriended?

For nine months the people of Tigray endure horrendous brutality, mankind has never seen hitherto, when Mrs.Bruton did not raise her eyebrows and got worried and now she comes up remorseful of the 30 years of TPLF misrule-as an excuse  to justify wild beasts running the country for a ride. It is honourable to resign from her office. But will she? I doubt it; how can one expect integrity from such self serving people!


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