What is wrong with Antonio Guterres?

Ethiopia Tigray

(By Temesgn Kebede) –

A wasteland. Barren from start to finish. A Komodo would not even bother visit to scavenge? I spy with my little eye something beginning with L…! League of Nations!

Next! Something run from start to present, as old as the septuagenarian men in comfort, wanting to look and act young, is  led. I spy with my little eye something beginning with U…! United Nations!

There is a war you see and there is another war that you do not see. Of the two, the one you do not see is more deadly. You do not notice the gravity of its purpose.It is a psychological warfare.

It is not of the business of The UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres to declare that the TDF cannot win the war. It role is to help nations avoid war and conflicts not to umpire and give verdict as who won or loss the war or conflicts. 

In this modern world, siege and starvation have been deployed to force people to surrender and submit to oppressors who refuse to accept the Tigrayans as people. The Amharas want the land and the rich history of Tigray without the Tigrayans and the World led by the likes of Antonio Guterres gave blind eyes. When the Tigrayans felt there is no option but to fight and die, as death is laying in wait either way, Antonio comes up with this premature and convoluted vision that TDF can’t win the war! Then who should win the war? Will he be pleased if the Amharas claimed victory? What does it mean, that the Tigrayans cannot win the war? Does it mean wars thus far fought between nations have never determined victors and losers in due course after the fighting is done? Or is this more psychological warfare to undermine the Tigrayans resolve to defend themselves against aggressors of all shape and forms? Mr Antonio Guterres ought to do the job he is paid to do, as professionally as required, even if he lacks the commitment for a humanitarian cause. 

The Aksumites knew how to run politics and coexist with other challenging nation states. When one says sovereign nations, it is not the land but about the people who live on the land.

Take this example; If a person is hanged as a convict for a crime he committed, you do not call both groups, that is the state and the felon, as both having had committed atrocities. None is no less than the other. A justification for the Amharas and the foxes in sheep’s clothing would be to keep peddling propaganda campaigns to water down the the genocidal crime of burning innocent young Tigrayans alive, by presenting dead Amharic soldiers as if innocent.

The types of mental warfare wrought on the Tigrayans is multifaceted and numerous. They are devised to fracture Tigrayans as the Amharas have intended for centuries to weaken the Tigrayans resolve. The Amharas connived and  deployed all  sorts of devices to conquer the penetralia of Tigray’s social fabric. They offered voluptuous Amhara noble women to replace their Tigrayan wives; that way not only did they insure the offspring would be a highland in disguise but the family of the bigamous and deserted (divorcee) would end up at loggerheads.

They would also employ untrustworthy Tigrayans to work their way; erode the confidence and sow mistrust amongst their own. In this way, they maintained the Amhara’s rule over Tigray and under the name and slogan of one nation; a nation that speaks the Amhara language. A nation that is created in the image of the Amhara psyche. A nation which works for Amharas and does not even accept Tigrayans even if they profess to be Amharas genuinely, thus denying their Tigrayan origin. 

Some paid, social mercenaries influence or gullible Tigrayans are deceptively brainwashed to untimely advocate for the declaration of Tigrayan Republic. Some come in the forms of contrary critiques against TPLF, who think the Tigrayans don’t know what they have in front of them or had behind them. This agenda is pushed prematurely to distract the war effort against all opponents. All these are the plots of Amhara and Eritrean current state leaders to undermine the unity of Tigrayans against their satanic missions.

Simply put there is no place for Tigrayans in Ethiopia that is designed to serve Amharas and Amharas alone.


Innocent Tigrayans victims burned alive by Amhara soldiers for a crime only being Tigrayans in a country that claims and demands unity!



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