Eritrean Soldiers and Amhara militia rape a 65 years old Tigrayan nun repeatedly and in public

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(Source: Globe News Net) – 

 Eritrean Soldiers and Amhara militia rape a 65 years old Tigrayan nun repeatedly and in public

Ms. Tiemtu Afewerki, a 65 years old nun, lived her life in purity, devoting it for her God; she has never been in to marriage or that sort. All she knew was her God, bible, and her prayers.

Her life was mostly in monasteries inside Ethiopia and abroad; she lived for over a decade in the historical Ethiopian Orthodox monastery in Israel.

Her sister, who was a widowed mother of three, suddenly died few years ago, leaving her small children behind.

Nun Tiemtu Afewerki had to return from Israel to take care of them.

She was living in the town of Humera with her 2 nieces and a nephew when the war on Tigray broke out.

Late November 2020, three Eritrean Soldiers and Amhara militia came to her house; they forcibly took her out of the house, and raped her in public, taking turns and repeatedly.

The pain in her heart is heavy.

In an interview with a Tigray government owned Television, Ms. Tiemtu Afewerki says that she never knew human beings could go as inhuman, as immoral, and as barbaric as that until she saw the Amhara and Eritrean army committing all the unimaginable heinous atrocities on civilian Tigrayans including herself.

Definitely, to rape a 65 years old nun and in public is extremely shocking.     

Nun Tiemtu Afewerki now lives in Shire, having been forced out of Humera.

Her house is now being inhabited by newcomers from Amhara who are brought by the Amhara regional state government.

Various human rights organizations and UN Women have confirmed that rape and sexual slavery were being used as weapons of war. Amnesty International for example, has said that the wide-spread rape and sexual slavery in Tigray amounted to war crime, and may amount to crime against humanity.

Secretary State Antony Blinken has confirmed that Ethnic cleansing has been committed in Western Tigray. 

Ms. Tiemtu says that she is starving along with the three small kids her sister left behind.

A Defacto humanitarian blockade has been imposed on Tigray.



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