Amhara’s legacy of deceit and gasconade

Ethiopia Opinion

(By Temesgen Kebede) – 

ወዲ ድሙ አይገድፍ ግብረ እሙ: A progeny cat would hardly fail to copycat his mother’s act. 

I say this because, one Amhara, ironically from a prison cell – even when the system is unkind to him as he would have expected – comes out in defence not only to the empire his ancestors concocted but also to the current Amhara government. He stood  up and gave  a belatedly mystical cover up for, I might add, to an inept and deficient leader, a lack of grace of long hair his predecessors had to show off so as to demonstrate their prowess fit for the throne they claimed and occupied. As the saying goes: ‘in a country of the blind, one eyed man is a king’. What does the white ribbon under the tricolour flag mean? Do we have to believe it is no more tricolour but four now the white bandana/ribbon is stretched?  The tricoloured flag the Amhara are said to be willing to die for, rather than having its emblem, is tampered with and now compromised  to save Menelik’s stature?

Menelik did not only lack the grace of long hair, this myrmidon is trying to mislead. He also did not have the courage his predecessors showed to defend the land. Instead, he was embroiled in the dirtiest and cheapest roles of selling parts of the country to foreigner bidders.

Haileselassie who came following the palace struggle, ran from the battlefield and stayed away until the Italians were removed by allied forces. It is in their nature to avoid a challenge, hide their kids in the comfort of foreign lands but exposed the sons and daughters of their adversaries and followers alike to danger and death. All Amhara leaders have recklessly wasted the lives of young and old people of Ethiopia needlessly to defend their power seat.  Who in his right mind would not be angry at the scene of a young Arussi boy age 15 thrown into a  phlegethon of war when he was deceptively told that he was to train for a month and a half to deal with a tag of war with ragamuffins from the north?

Misinforming, misleading and Simony for banausic gains are an integral part of the Amhara culture and psychic framework.

It has to be a classic case
The Amharas are fools   
They keep showing the same faces regurgitate  the same verses 
Only to deceiving none but themselves !

They have gone far to skylark 
Only to find difficult to came back 
To compensate bovine deficit 
Mass slaughter is permeated 
One can now eat 
Raw or Macerated  
Donkey’s meat 
To satiate an appetite 
That way they would gain strength and be able to  pullulate 
More Jack Asses  than you ever thought  
To control the Tigrayans masses 
By flecherizing them as as marram grass!

Do not worry Jack Ass  
Fear no hyena’s threat running loose  
Itself is victim on a plate 
Served to the Chinese!

Cats, dogs, lizards 
For that matter any zoophagous 
Is a delicacy  
in the Chinese efficacy!





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