Burial Requiescat For Arrogant Zombie!

(By Temesgn Hulu) – 
For far too long we had buried my head,
Walked indistingushed among the crowds, and chose the trough
As opposed the open high ground
For fear of your mighty unbridle earthly power,
Only hoping one day you understand patience may pay off.
Instead we found ourselves
trodden over and over, almost buried alive.
You architected to pin us down
And With the help of that rangy libertine
The vestal and pristine figure of ours
Got bloated and blotted
With unwanted poisonous fluid.
Then enough we said and we pick myself from the dust
Never again to trust the likes of you with a sharp dagger
On the back you could easily plunge and thrust.
Simply put you are evil reincarnate
Full of venom with hate
Victims’ burden of weight
To get rid they cannot afford to wait.
The depth of your wickedness
The length of the journey you commence to harness
To starve people to death
When you cannot match their fighting strength
Is biblical for all witness.
Your time has come
You rightful place is the dustbin
There is no way to run from
You will enjoy the company of your twins
However fast you run or spin
You will not come out alive clean
This chapter of history is bolted and pinned!
You were told over and over again,
In no terms uncertain,
But you were so self-centred to listen
And you were shown the scares of the daily labour,
Your serfs sustained
That have become second nature,
But you refused to discern.
We gave you invaluable services,
Be it domestic – washing dishes,
Feeding the babies – hungry mouths,
And marching to our death
For the cause you called national independence.
All these done, what did We get in return?
Although you know We are no different
But made of flesh and bone,
You hurled insults and we sustained.
You inflicted damages and we endured the pain,
Till such time no more.
We are furious burning in anger
All excuses would be lame,
Now it is your turn
To sustain own inflicted pain.
And no one is to blame.
And we keep wondering what your were thinking
When we were weeping!
Now how does it feel to be in our shoes,
Swallowing the bitter pills of truth?
You are a bastard zombie,
That you are not what you claim to be,
Invincible but above all a descent human being!

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