About Us

Who is MEKETE Tigray UK?

MEKETE Tigray UK, was set up in 2020 in accordance with the Law in England and Wales, is an unincorporated association of all Tigrayans for the purpose of promoting and safeguarding the self-determination of Tigrayans and the sovereignty of Tigray. It is an all-inclusive and open democratic platform of all Tigrayans without regard to ideology, political beliefs, organisational affiliation, religion, age or gender. Mekete Tigray UK is a campaign and a movement that opposes the War on Tigray, the ethnic profiling and targeting of Tigrayans; and aims to mobilise resources for relief and emergency support of Tigrayans, the war rehabilitation and economic reconstruction of Tigray.

1.Background and Context

1.1 Over the last three years, the Federal Constitution of Ethiopia that guarantees the self-determination of nations, nationalities and peoples has been fundamentally undermined by the Dictatorial Regime lead by an illegal Ethiopian Prosperity Party (EPP) Clique resulting in the usurpation of state power. Based on the Ethiopian Constitution (CONSTITUTION-OF-THE-FEDERAL-DEMOCRATIC-REPUBLIC-OF-ETHIOPIA), the General election should take place every five years, and it was due in September 2020. However, the PM Abiy Ahmed Ali and his party have dismantled current Federalism System and restore a repressive Neo-Neftegna (Authoritarian regime) State. Dr Abiy Ahmed Ali’s group have extended the General Election indefinitely using the COVID-19 current situation. In one of his parliament statements, PM Abiy Ahmed mentioned there are countries that never had elections for over 30 years and no one can remove me from my position until the General Election takes place. PM Abiy Ahmed Ali also told his parliament, that his mother told him, he will be the 7th Kind of Ethiopia when he was seven years old and has been working towards that since then. Dr Abiy Ahmed Ali and his party are practising the unconstitutional act of suppressing the general elections in the sovereign Regions of Ethiopia, particularly in Tigray.

1.2 The people of Tigray, and their democratically elected parties, namely, TPLF, Baytona, Salsay Woyane, Tigray Independence Party, and Asimba Democratic Party have been the principal targets of the Ethiopian Prosperity Party and its cliques. Crimes have been committed against the people of Tigray through ethnic profiling and cleansing; government-sponsored insecurity; social strife internal displacement; politically motivated imprisonments; political repression; political propaganda and psychological war; economic warfare and sabotage; and lately direct provocations and declaration of war by the EPP and its ally

1.3 The people of Tigray and the governing party, nationalist and democratic parties in the Region have been at the forefront in the fight against the dictatorial government led by Abiy Ahmed Ali. This struggle is exemplified by the determination of the people of Tigray and the leading governing party and all other parties in Tigray to hold a regional election according to the regional and federal constitutions.

1.4 The fact that the EPP dictatorial regime is treasonous against its peoples and regions, it is also aided and abated by regional dictators, in particular President Isaias Afewerki’s regime, and other regional geopolitical actors as well as global hegemonic forces that do not want to see a free and democratic people in the country.

1.5 The nations, nationalities, and peoples of the country have stood up against the dictatorial Regime of Colonel Abiy Ahmed Ali by steadfastly defending the Federal Constitution and opposing the illegal and undemocratic acts of the ruling cliques have taken state power. This is evidenced by the demand for self-determination by nationalities in Southern Ethiopia, such as the struggle of the Sidama and Wolaytta and of the Oromo people against the dictatorial Abiy Ahmed Ali led government. 

1.6 Since 4 November 2020, the illegal EPP) regime has invaded the Regional National State of Tigray with the full support of the Eritrean regime and its army, the armies of regional states and with the military and financial support of foreign governments including the United Arab Emirates.  The act of inviting foreign armies to invade and subjugate  a sovereign people and Region of the country by the illegal EPP ruling party is a complete act of treason and that has no parallel in the history of the  of the country. The War in Tigray has resulted to date in the deaths of tens of thousands of Tigrayans; the commission of wide spread war crimes  including the  massacres of hundreds of civilians; the weaponisation of sexual violence and rape; the deliberate  policy and practice of the mass starvation and hunger of the Tigrayan population;  the  internal dislocation of  millions civilians; the wanton destruction of  Tigray’s infrastructure; the deliberate and systematic looting and destruction of the national heritage and religious relics and institutions in Tigray. All these are tantamount to the policy and active practice of genociding Tigrayans as a nationality and people.

1.6 The country’s conflicts have been intensified; over 100,000 Tigrayans have been detained, and several numbers of military generals been assassinated, including other influential politicians, have been killed in the country. The regime’s repression has increased several folds with widespread by closing public media and internets, resulting in an increased resistance by people of Tigray and people from other parts of Ethiopia against the dictatorial regime.

1.7 The Mekete Tigray UK is set up as a campaign and movement of all Tigrayans and supporters to stop the war in Tigray and the on-going genocide in the Region. It aims to mobilise relief and emergency support for Tigrayans in the short term and the war rehabilitation and economic reconstruction of Tigray in the medium to the long-terms. The Article of Association is the governing document that sets out the aims and objectives,   structure and organisation of the association, the principles and strategy of its operation and the terms of references of its working group.

2. Aims and Objectives

2.1 To advocate, safeguard and protect Tigray’s sovereignty, including its people’s constitutional rights of self-determination and their democratic rights and freedom to conduct the regional election as guaranteed by the Federal and Regional Constitution. 

2.2 To expose and combat the widespread repression by the dictatorial regime of the EPP including politically motivated imprisonments and killings; ethnic targeting and cleansing of Tigrayans; propaganda and psychological war on Tigrayans; economic warfare and sabotage; and lately openly declared war against the people and Tigray.

2.3 To expose and combat the treasonous machinations and conspiracy between the PM Abiy and President Isaias of Eritrea dictatorial regimes, which are aimed against the people of Tigray in particular and Ethiopia in general.

2.4 To expose and combat hegemonic forces and regional geopolitical forces working against Tigray in particular and the country at large.

2.5 To forge alliances and solidarity with all Ethiopian nationalities and peoples and their organisations fighting to safeguard democratic federalism, self-determination, peace, and democracy.

2.6 To educate and raise awareness of British People and other part nations about the atrocities, cultural and economic destruction committed against Tigray people by the Governments of Ethiopia and Eritrea.

2.7 To galvanise public support and strengthen MEKETE Tigray UK.

2.8 To seek financial help and gift-in-kind to fulfil the objectives of MEKETE Tigray UK.

3. Principle and Strategy

3.1 Inclusive mobilisation, participation, coordination of Tigrayans without regard to ideology, political and organisational affiliation, religion, age or gender. 

3.2 To unify Tigrayans and safeguard Tigray’s sovereignty and self-determination; and promote the democratic rights and freedom of Tigrayans to lead a free, peaceful, just and prosperous life.  

3.3 To be strategic and proactive in developing leadership, building capacity and skills and mobilising resources.

3.4 To identify allies and struggle in solidarity with other oppressed nationalities and peoples and their organisations that are fighting for self-determination and democracy in the country.

3.4 To focus on and identify key priorities and coordinate actions for maximum and effective outcomes and results and be decisive and develop a sense of urgency by being proactive and not defensive. 

3.5 To set up an open platform that accommodates secondary differences and employs democratic methods of discourse.

4. Methods of Delivery and Operation

4.1 Mobilise and all Tigrayans, including the development of centralised database and information networks. 

4.2 Establish an open, free and democratic platform for all Tigrayan organisations and individuals and strengthening the struggle and promoting the self-determination of Tigrayans and Tigray’s sovereignty.

4.2 Develop effective and critical leadership that ensures the availability of resources and delivery of agreed activities.

4.3 Create synergy and linking-up with all Tigrayan Diaspora organisations globally.

4.4 Develop alliances and solidarity work with other Ethiopian nationalities and organisations in the UK and globally.

5. Organisational structure

5.1 The supreme authority of Mekete Tigray UK is its membership who participates on its platform, campaigns and movements. The decisions of the Mekete Tigray UK are made on the principle of  establishing general consensus and the principle of a democratic majoritarian decision-making process.

5.2 The Mekete Tigray UK Membership will elect an Executive Committee that oversees its activities, directs is operations and develops links with external organisations.  The Executive Committee shall consist of a Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, A Treasurer and a Secretary. The term of the Executive Committee is one/two year(s). The terms of references (Job Descriptions) of the Executive Committee members are attached in the Annex.

5.3 The Mekete Tigray UK establishes relevant Working Groups (Sub-Committees) that would translate and implement MEKETE Tigray UK’s strategy. With this in mind, the following subcommittees have been established. The members of the Mekete Tigray UK are elected by the membership. The Terms of References of the Working Groups are annexed below.

5.3(i) The Advocacy, Lobbying Diplomacy Working Group

5.3(ii) The Media and Communication Working Group

5.3(iii) The Community Engagement and Public Mobilisation Working Group

5.3 (iv) The Fund-raising and Resource Mobilisation Working Group

5.3(v) The Custodians and Signatories of the Finances and Resources of Mekete Tigray UK.

5.4 Mekete Tigray UK sub-committees work programmes are directed and co-ordinated by the Executive Committee.

5.5 The Mekete Tigray UK Sub-Committees are elected by and are accountable to the Membership of Mekete Tigray UK.

6. Duration

6.1 The duration of the association of Mekete Tigray UK is determined by the membership.

7. Amendments of the Articles of Association

7.1 Changes and amendments to the Articles of Association requires a simple majority of the membership present at an agreed quorum of Mekete Tigray UK membership meeting.

7.2 Changes and amendments to the core aims and objectives of Mekete Tigray UK requires a two-thirds majority present at an agreed quorum of Mekete Tigray UK membership meeting.