MEKETE Tigray UK relies on the generosity of members, non-members, international community and friends of the people of Tigray to alleviate the current unjustified war has been conducted by the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in Tigray, Ethiopia. We (Meteke Tigray UK members) are grateful to you for your donation. Your donation will make a profound difference and a lifetime opportunity to vulnerable children, young adults and the elderly to ease from current catastrophic humanitarian crises unfolding in Tigray, Ethiopia.

Please give according to your means. To donate or if you would like details of planned giving or information about one off donations, please visit and fill in the donation form or Contact TDA UK:

TDA House, 211 Clapham Road, Stockwell, London SW9 0QH                      
Tel: 020 7924 0191
Fax: 020 7738 6569

You can also contact MEKETE Tigray UK via tthe contact us form above or Email:

We will be pleased to provide you further information.

Thank you for your generous support that can save many vulnerable lives in Tigray.